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ABIR sponsors students to attend Bermuda Risk Summit

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Ongoing partnership with Bermuda College aims to strengthen local talent pipeline

ABIR sponsors students to attend Bermuda Risk Summit

Ongoing partnership with Bermuda College aims to strengthen the local talent pipeline

Hamilton, Bermuda (February 26, 2023) — The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) has sponsored two Bermuda College students to attend the upcoming Bermuda Risk Summit.

Nicholas Kessell and Felicia de Sa aim to pursue careers in the re/insurance industry and will have the chance to learn from expert panels and network with industry professionals at the Summit. ABIR is a headline sponsor of the March 6-8 conference, presented by the Bermuda Business Development Agency.

John Huff, CEO of ABIR, said: “ABIR is pleased to welcome these Bermudian students to the Bermuda Risk Summit. We hope that this learning and networking opportunity will inspire them to pursue their own re/insurance careers.”

Pina Albo, Chair of ABIR and CEO of Hamilton Insurance Group, said: “ABIR is committed to building a strong pipeline of Bermudian talent. Our member companies have a longstanding tradition of providing educational support, internships and career development opportunities for Bermudians, many of whom have forged strong careers in our vibrant industry.”

ABIR has also partnered with Bermuda College and St. John’s University to offer a 14-week foundational insurance course for a third year. The lecture series aligns with the commitment of ABIR and its member companies to build a diverse and inclusive workforce and to help develop the next generation of Bermudian leaders.

Craig Simmons, the course facilitator and senior lecturer at Bermuda College, said: “Once again ABIR is stepping up to the talent-widening plate by offering young Bermudians the opportunity to learn from experts in the risk management field. There are very few educational institutions where students can get this type of exposure.”

Nicholas Kessell, 20, is studying Business Administration and plans to continue his education at a university where he can pursue a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field. He is interested in a career in reinsurance underwriting.

“Having explored the opportunities in insurance and reinsurance, through talking with professionals, attending lunch-and-learns and going to conferences, I find the industry fascinating. It’s amazing that a small island like Bermuda has been able to cultivate such a strong, global industry that has brought us so much success and which sets us apart us from other small countries,” Nicholas said.

“At the Bermuda Risk Summit, I’m looking forward to listening to the panels to learn about current industry trends and also to network with professionals, learn about potential career paths and explore opportunities for scholarships and internships.”

Felicia de Sa, 23, is studying Business Administration and is set to graduate this year. She is weighing her options on whether to then continue her education or seek work opportunities in Bermuda’s re/insurance industry.

“Our insurance industry helps a lot of people around the world in their times of need. With the knowledge I’ve gained from my studies, I believe that working in this industry is the best way for me to help people,” Felicia said.

“I thought I had quite a good grasp of the industry, but the ABIR foundational insurance course has taught me a lot more. I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend the Risk Summit, so I can learn, meet people in the industry and see where it leads.”

ABIR’s member companies have a substantial local talent base and are committed to building it further. More than two-thirds of the 1,472 people they employ in Bermuda are Bermudians, spouses of Bermudians or permanent resident certificate holders, according to the 17th ABIR Bermuda Economic Substance Survey.

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About ABIR: The Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers (ABIR), which represents Bermuda’s major property and casualty insurers and reinsurers doing business in 150 countries, was founded in 1993. For three decades, the Bermuda market’s risk-bearing capacity has played a key role in enabling insurance to be accessible and affordable, to the benefit of consumers around the world. Bermuda is an internationally recognized center of global expertise on underwriting for catastrophe, climate, cyber, mortgage & credit risk transfer products, along with other specialty insurance and reinsurance. 

For more information, please visit: Follow us on Twitter @ABIR_Bermuda.

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